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Privacy Policy

Please read carefully the following policy.

1. Protection of your Personal Data

Our Company, as a data Controller, collects, stores, uses and generally processes your personal data when you visit the Company’s website.


The assignment of your Data to the Company as requested by its website is necessary to achieve the basic purpose of collecting the data and may, for example, if denied, make it impossible for the Company to fulfill its obligations arising from the sales agreement or to provide the other available services [transportation, etc.].


We take care to collect only your absolutely necessary Data, which are appropriate and specific for the intended purpose; such Data include the following:


  1. Mandatory: first name, last name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address,
  2. Optional: company name, state / county.


Sending a newsletter: Upon such consent, we will use your personal data, preferences and transaction details to inform you via email, internet, telephone and / or social media about relevant products and services, including personalized offers, discounts, etc; of course, you may revoke this consent at any time.


Data for the purpose of preventing or detecting unlawful acts; our goal is to protect our customers, employees and partners from criminal activities.


Processing of payments to prevent fraudulent transactions


We are committed to protect your Personal Data and, by recognizing the importance of the security of your Personal Data, we have taken all reasonable organizational and technical measures to protect your Data from any form of accidental or fraudulent processing; we use the most up-to-date and advanced methods to ensure maximum security.


The above measures may be reviewed and amended when necessary.